We are a professional network that facilitates the supply and demand of unused office space. We help you, the corporate supplier with vacant desks and office space and you, the hero in need of that space. We lead up to buzz, innovation, knowledge sharing, well being and new business. Together we will initiate a revolution in office and work-life culture. 

Workero is the next big thing in the workplace. There, we said it.

We’re a professional network that connects digital nomads, flexible whiz kids and creative minds like you, with roomy corporate companies.  - Like me? Well, if you need nothing more than a strong wifi signal, a cloud and a mobile device to do your job, yes, we’re talking to you. Even if you are not the creative type.

Workero turns idle corporate office space into knowledge exchange hubs, by offering you that space. A unique office within an office where you can develop your entrepreneurial needs, connect with like-minded professionals and even create new business opportunities. 

Whether you need a state-of-the-art meeting room to make an impression on that much needed prospect, an office away from your home-office or a social connection with industry peers, by joining Workero you can find what you miss in your current work environment.

And on top of all that, Workero also offers a solution to your daily mobility challenges and a possible end to those hours spent in traffic every single day. 

- How?! By listing shareable offices from across the country, close to your home address or any meeting location. Bye bye, long commutes and rush hour jams. Better start listing what you will do during all those regained hours! 

- So, Workero is some sort of co-working place? It’s much more than that. Although we do put up shared offices, we’re more into connecting space and knowledge by offering a vast corporate office network where companies, employees, start-ups and freelancers can connect. Plus, we’re actively doing good for Mother Nature. By setting up a platform that helps people to work closer to home, we aim to reduce the pressure in your mind and on our roads, thus decreasing the CO2 emissions in the air we breathe. Talking about a positive action…

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