Workero offers a simple solution to optimise office space and produce additional revenue

On average, the space and infrastructure cost to enable an employee to work fulltime in your office for a whole year is estimated around 6.765€, regardless if he or she is present every day or not. Unused office space can be turned into revenue to cover that cost and drive space efficiency. 

Workero shows you care for your people and the planet

By offering space in your company you also allow your employees to work at other Workero corporate suppliers across the world. A place closer to home or closer to a strategic location that might be easier to access. By tackling your co-workers daily mobility challenges,  cars will stand more often still in a garage than in traffic jams,  reducing the pressure in our minds, on our roads and the Co2 emissions in the air we breathe. You’re actively doing good for people and planet.

Workero connects your company with change makers, peers and consequently potential business opportunities

Opening up your office floor to third party employees and freelancers leads up to buzz, networking and knowledge sharing. With Workero you can turn a vacant office desk into a knowledge exchange or innovation hub. When people connect, amazing things can happen: new alliances, new opportunities and even new business opportunities. 

Workero facilitates virtual and physical networking, enabling you to discover new talents and act as a business incubator

When sharing your office space with freelancers and start-ups, possibilities of encountering fresh talents and discovering innovative services rise significantly. A win-win for both, as you can accelerate their growth and success and they can inject your company with the novel ideas and service you were looking for.

For company employees,

Workero offers a solution for your employees’ daily work-life and mobility challenges

Losing precious time in daily traffic and commute drains the energy from your co-workers. Be enabling them to join the Workero network, they can choose freely where they work within our network of corporate suppliers that offer their vacant office space. As such they’re able to do their job closer to home or closer to a meeting location, helping them to save time for what really matters to them. By offering them this workspace flexibility, you also actively participate in a sustainable solution to the huge climate change factor we’re facing: the polluting traffic jams.

Workero makes work flexibility more tangible, turning employees into a happy and loyal workforce

Today’s workforce has a deep craving for flexibility as they struggle to keep their work and life in balance. By helping them tackle their daily mobility challenges you are one step closer to a happy team that carries loyalty to high standards. 

Workero facilitates knowledge exchange amongst industry peers, which ultimately leads to innovation and productivity

By allowing your own employees to spice up the office vibe at other companies across the country, you enable them to exchange knowledge, experience new environments and develop their own entrepreneurial skills. They will come back with fresh ideas they can implement within your own office walls

Workero offers a platform for smart work innovation and change management. Together we can initiate a revolution in office and work-life culture. 

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