To access the network as a Hero (user), there is no membership, and that is not about to change. 

The space you book with suppliers however does incur a rental fee which you can see on the platform. It's a pay-per-use system.

For desks, the fee is very simple; 2,5€/hour, on all desks at all locations. As to what is included in to that rate, that is up to the supplier. You will always have at least a great desk with quality wifi. Suppliers also have the freedom to offer preferred weekly or monthly rates, for desks.

For private offices, meeting rooms or event rooms, the supplier will decide on what the rate is for their location, and which services are included.

If you plan to be a frequent Workero user, you might want to check out our memberships at

Please note there is a cancelation policy (usually standard also) - which is documented on the booking platform.

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