Workero has 5 price plans to book co-working space.

The most popular plan is 'The camper'. It basically means that you can enjoy unlimited access to any of the 3 core Workero locations (Workero EU, Workero Corporate Village Zaventem and Workero East Antwerp, and choose your desk. On top of that you have 2 hours of meeting room access included. And you can count on the Workero team to help you with field-related questions about your business. Do you have digital questions? Flows? Business analysis, innovation, EU subsidy? Our team will do its best in helping you.

For those that have only a limited need of co-working desks, the 'Lightweight' plan is ideal using a defined Workero location up to 10 days a month with 1h of meeting room included per month. Enjoy a bustling workplace.

Are you looking for the ultimate flexible working plan? Then the 'Nomad' plan is definitely your choice. Unlimited access to all of the Workero locations. The very essence of 'Where you are is where you work' - Coming Q1 2019

Not sure yet what your needs are? No problem, just join us and explore the possibilities in the 'free plan'.
And simply book as you go. Ranging from private offices to co-working desks to meeting rooms...all within 3 clicks.

For companies that want to give access to employees, please contact us so we can showcase the 'enterprise membership' so you can start offering staff a flexible way of working.

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