Once you have registered as a Hero, you are able to book. 

On the desktop version;

  • On your screen, a hero can see a dynamic map and a search bar. Both allow the hero to search for a location, the hero will get the available options for all types of working spaces (desks, private room, meeting room, event room). The hero will see popular locations, and once the hero will be a frequent booker, he will see his last booked and preferred locations. Once a hero selects his location, he will see all the available options to choose from, like amenities and services. In a few clicks, he can be all set up for his next working session.

On the mobile version; 

  • The functionalities are similar, but in addition to that, a mobile Hero has the possibility to easily find spaces nearby when he is moving around. Once stuck in traffic, for instance, a hero will be proactively alerted about nearby spaces which he can book until traffic settles down. 

Once you have selected your working space, services, and amenities, you will be invited to switch to payment (all major cards accepted). Once payment is settled, you will receive an instant confirmation. 

You can search, book, pay and start working in a few clicks!

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