Workero offers 5 different booking packages. 

The ‘Nomad’ plan includes the ultimate Workero experience, it gives you unlimited access to all of the Workero locations. The very essence of “where you are is where you work.”

The Camper plan offers limited access to our Workero locations, two hours of meeting room access and help from the Workero team with field-related questions about your business.

The Lightweight plan is applicable to those looking for one specific Workero location and only limited use to ten days a month. There’s one hour of meeting room access included.

Still looking for a different Workero set-up or rather prefer to simply book and go? Use the free plan and book as you go. A private office, flexible desk or meeting is only a click away.

For companies that want to give access to employees, please contact us so we can showcase the enterprise membership which allows you to offer a flexible way of working to your staff.

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