Becoming a Hero on is as easy as pie. 

Option 1. Click on the 'Sign Up' button on the top right part of the screen. Scroll down to the lower part of the pop-up until you see the blue 'Join with LinkedIn' button. Click that button.

Option 2. On the top part of our page, you will see several sections displayed - one of them says 'Heroes'. Click on that and enter the dedicated page for Heroes. On several sections of that page, you will see a blue 'Join with LinkedIn' button. Click that button. 

Option 3: Click on any 'join as a hero' or 'Join with LinkedIn' button anywhere on the website.

You will then be asked to validate your registration with your LinkedIn data. Unfortunately, it is not possible to register on without a LinkedIn profile. It is a collaborative tool, hence network and LinkedIn are key. Once that registration has been validated, you will automatically be directed to your Workero profile page. 

This will have most fields pre-populated with your LinkedIn data (when LinkedIn is updated, so is your Workero profile). Workero will ask you to fill in a small set of additional question fields, so that we can ensure we connect you to the most relevant people within the network.

And that's it! 

From that point on you have full access to the network, and to the booking features, and you are ready to connect and innovate.

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