Workero aims at providing class A spaces to its members, so the working experience is as enjoyable as possible. 

To that end, we do require a minimum number of standards to be put in place:

As we need to establish a coherent Workero brand, a minimal branding standard will be imposed. However, this is limited to branding material, visuals and some key Workero elements. Workero provides the branding material.

Operational wise, we request a good functioning WiFi for the Workero heroes, clean and representative office. If you have other services to offer such as coffee, printing, copying, parking etc they can be setup in your personal company environment. potential costs to meet this standards, if not already in place, are for you to bear.

Of course, the idea is also for you to be able to collect rent from the working spaces which you put in the network, those are yours of course. You determine the rent for private rooms, meeting rooms and event rooms.

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